5 AHAS from Ronnie Lott about Sports and Life

This week’s five Ahas are from the AHAbook™, Ronnie Lott on SportsIn this AHAbook, football legend Ronnie Lott has thrown open the doors to the secrets that made him the toughest defensive back of all time and unearths his driving motivations in short, readable profiles from his days before, during, and after the NFL.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAk1AAAAJDBiMjMwOTg4LTlhNWMtNDlhZi1iNjllLTRjMzkwNWZiYzZiNQ

Get behind the scenes to see the synergy between Lott, Montana, and Rice, and sneak a taste of the coaching geniuses that made the 49ers and the USC Trojans iconic sports dynasties. Get personal with Ronnie as he reflects on life and relationships and get pumped up by his inspirational words.

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  1. Be quicker than your opponent, and hit them before they’re ready to be hit. @RonnieLottHOF [click to tweet]
  2. A sense of humor cuts tension and shakes out fear. The best teams laugh when they can. @RonnieLottHOF [click to tweet]
  3. It hurts to know we can’t do everything athletically that we used to do, but we can still be great at something. @RonnieLottHOF [click to tweet]
  4. “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” John Wooden said it first, but my coaches told me too. You better move fast but play smart. @RonnieLottHOF [click to tweet]
  5. Life hurts and no one likes to lose. The real champions are the ones who know what to do with their disappointments. @RonnieLottHOF [click to tweet]

This book is also available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version:https://www.amazon.com/SPORTS-tweet-Book01-Learned-THINKaha-ebook/dp/B003ZUY6H0 and on THiNKaha:http://www.thinkaha.com/sportstweet-book01/

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