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The list below is a compilation of all the AHA.pubs used in the book “Credibility Nation.” These are short links that lead to other resources mentioned in the book such as videos, books, web pages, and LinkedIn profiles.

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Compilation Video of Testimonials:


Credibility Nation AHAbook:


C. Lee Smith’s Credreel:


What is a THiNKaha book?


Bill Wallace’s Credreel:


Prologue Video:


Credibility Nation Section Videos:


Mitchell Levy’s LinkedIn:


Being Known Video:


CPoP Compilation Video #1:


CPoP Compilation Video #2:


Kim Walsh Phillips’ Credreel:


CPoP vs. Value Proposition Video:


LinkedIn Course Page:


Get Your Credreel Page:


Evan Dash’s Credreel:


Being Likeable Video:


David Meerman Scott’s Credreel:


Jay Fiset on Upstream and Downstream Process:


Being Trustworthy Video:


Mitchell’s Tedx Talk:


Sal Silvester’s Credreel:


Thom Harrison’s Credreel:


Darelyn Mitsch’s Credreel:


RJ Nicolosi’s Credreel:


Dwaine Canova’s Credreel:


Dr. Doug Firebaugh’s Credreel:


Nadene Joy’s Credreel:


Kare Anderson’s Credreel:


Josh Allan Dykstra’s Credreel:


Jonathan Stone’s Credreel:


The IGI Principles by Steve Rodgers on AHAthat:


Unlocking Your Business Potential by Jeffrey Hayzlett and Tyler Hayzlett on AHAthat:


F.A.C.T.S by Fox Beyer on AHAthat:


Hammering Out a Living by Karl Hughes on AHAthat:


Speaking the Truth by Karin Hurt on AHAthat:

Mitchell’s 1st TEDx Talk (Full Talk: 17:34)