Imagine coming to a place where you can immediately trust, know, and like those around you… Where you can be safe in an environment where others want to support you. A place where people have integrity and speak their truth. This is Credibility Nation.

Credibility Nation Membership Benefits include:

1. Access to a community of professionals on their credibility journey who have a vested interest in helping you be a better version
of yourself.

2. Access to key courses that guide you to success while working and living credibly, most notably getting clarity by defining your
CPoP “Customer Point of Possibilities” in 10 words or less.

3. Weekly sessions to meet, engage, and support your credibility journey (Accountability Mondays and Credible Business Networking
on Fridays).

4. Applied knowledge and engagement in online bootcamps/webinars/events providing credible techniques to close more business, increase the length of client engagements, and incorporate more efficiencies in your processes.

5. Weekly Microlearning Lessons are shared via email.

For corporations, your employees can join the general population of Credibility Nation, or we can create a private village where the
primary engagement will be kept among your employees. Either way, all the benefits above still apply.

Regarding pricing, for individuals, Credibility Nation is $99.99/year. For corporations, we’ll negotiate a customized price based on the employee base.