500 Thought Leaders Interviewed On Credibility!

As we advance as a civilization, we grow and learn. At one time, we thought the earth was flat and didn’t understand the laws of Einstein, Newton, or Moore. After interviewing 500 thought leaders on credibility, Mitchell Levy unlocked an understanding of Credibility that we didn’t have before.  

“Credibility is the quality that one is trusted, known, and liked,” which is seen in the definition of credibility that came from the interviews.

“Credibility is a Journey,
NOT a Destination.”

-Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy on the Definition of Credibility

To document and deploy his findings, he did the following:

His life goal, which manifested after 95% of the 500 interviews
were completed, is to tip the scale between
those that are credible and those that are dubious.

Why don’t you join me to help tip the scale?