Urgent Community Alert & Plea for Assistance

I’m reaching out to my network today under circumstances I never imagined I’d face. In a bewildering turn of events, my Facebook personal account (@happyabout) has been compromised, along with my business accounts tethered to it. What’s particularly alarming is that the perpetrator has begun selling cryptocurrency under my name.

If you are communicating with my account on Facebook or Instagram, please stop immediately. This is not me, and I am not involved in selling crypto.

This is more than a simple hack; it’s a violation of my digital identity and the trust I’ve placed in platforms to secure it. Despite having all the supposed safeguards in place, including double authentication, my access has been ruthlessly severed—my email detached and password altered without my consent.

As a longstanding client and shareholder of Facebook, this ordeal transcends personal inconvenience; it’s a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities we face in the digital age. The irony doesn’t escape me; decades of advocacy for digital credibility and security, yet here I am, sharing my own tale of caution.

I’ve reached out through official channels, but solutions seem elusive. Conversations with peers reveal a disturbing trend; many have faced similar challenges and, finding no resolution, were forced to start anew. This cannot be the norm.

So, I turn to you, my valued network: Has anyone navigated this labyrinth successfully? Are there unexplored avenues or contacts within Facebook that might expedite a resolution? Your insights and advice would be immensely appreciated.

In sharing this, my goal isn’t just to reclaim my digital footprint but to spotlight a growing issue that affects us all. Let’s stand together for digital safety, transparency, and accountability. Your support and shared experiences can make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. Together, we can advocate for a safer, more credible digital community.

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