Mitchell Levy evangelizes credibility through speaking, coaching, recommending trusted partners, as well as his TEDx “We Are Losing Our Humanity and I’m Tired of Watching it Happen” , Credibility Nation® book , and Credibility Nation® membership community.

Speaker Intro for Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy

Keynote Presentations

  • 3 Credibility Mistakes Companies Make that Cost Them More Than Money.
  • Ensuring that Your Firm and Your People Are Seen as Credible!
  • Creating an Environment that Brings Out the Best in Your Team, Partners, and Customers.
  • Having Up to Six Mentors is Better Than One.
  • Solve Most Any Problem With The Input/Output Framework.


Questions to Ask

  • You’ve interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility, what have you learned?
  • Why do you say that credibility starts with clarity and without clarity, you’re not credible?
  • Why do you say that we were taught wrong to lead with the value proposition?
  • You’ve looked at over 100,000 LinkedIn profiles, what makes one credible?
  • Please talk about credust (defined at and credcrud (defined at

Mitchell Levy Speaking at Success North Dallas

Mitchell Levy Giving the Commencement Address at Silicon Valley University

Mitchell Levy Talking about the “Being Seen as Visible” The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp Challenge

Mitchell levy Talking about Delivering CredClarity

Mitchell’s 2nd TEDx Talk (Full Talk: 16:26)


Mitchell’s 2nd TEDx Talk (Highlights: 0:30)


Mitchell’s 1st TEDx Talk (Full Talk: 17:34)


Mitchell’s 1st TEDx Talk (Highlights: 1:06)