Mitchell Levy Silicon Valley University Commencement Speech

Mitchell Levy on Thought Leadership, Part 1 of 2
(Watch Part 2 of 2 here.)

Mitchell is available to speak at events on topics like thought leadership, curating content, thinking creatively, and publishing books quickly. Watch the above video where he speaks about thought leadership and watch more videos here!

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Some Keynote Presentation Topics by Mitchell Levy:

Writing A Non-Fiction Book in 8 Hours That You Use to Grow Your Business (20-45 min Keynote or a ½ day or full day workshop)

Imagine writing your non-fiction book in 8 hours. If this was possible, what would you write about? What would you do with your book? How would you use it to make money? How would you market it, and yourself? Would you write more than one? In this session, Mitchell Levy, the AHA Guy at AHAthat will answer these questions and more.

Value to Attendees: You will walk away with the understanding of how to write a non-fiction book in just 8 hours and what to do with it once you’re done.


Every Business Person Needs to be an AHAleader (8-12 min Short-Talk or 45 min Keynote)

With each passing day, we are continually expected to be more productive. When we don’t know the answer, we either Google it or go to the person (e.g. the thought leader) we think can give us the answer that’s contextually relevant to our situation. Who do we turn to and why? Whether that person is inside or outside our organization, we expect a truthful answer we can internalize. We expect the person we turn to be authentic, transparent and trustworthy. We expect our own personal thought leader. Shouldn’t you be that thought leader for someone else?

Come hear The AHA Guy Mitchell Levy, a Silicon Valley Thought Leader that’s seen and helped deploy and use technology in corporations for over a quarter of a century.

Value to Attendees: You walk away with a couple of personal Aha moments while understanding why personal branding and thought leadership is an essential component of today’s workforce and your long-term success.


10 AHAmessages™ that Shape the Business World (10-15 min Short-Talk)

You thought that the Internet has brought about change in how companies operate, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The way companies operate, grow and interact with their stakeholders (customers, advocates, future advocates, partners, employees, investors, etc.) has been changing significantly over the last 15 years, but that transformation is only about 40% of what it will be. If you draw a line on a sheet of paper and put “industrial-age” companies on the left-hand side of the line and “social” companies on the right, the majority of firms will be left of center.

What is changing? Everything. Do some companies have it right? Yes. Will many companies disappear? Yes. Are there more opportunities now then there has ever been in the history of the world? Yes. Do you want to know some of the secrets? We think so.

Value to Attendees: Come hear The AHA Guy Mitchell Levy, a Silicon Valley Thought Leader that’s seen and helped deploy and use technology in corporations for over a quarter of a century. You will walk away with a different perspective of what’s happening today and changing tomorrow.


Using Social Media Enabled eBooks to Market You and Your Book (45 min Keynote)
or How to Use AHAthat to Market Your New or Existing Book

Want help with your writing, social networking and marketing? Don’t we all? In this session, The AHA Guy Mitchell Levy will cover tips and tricks to using AHAthat, a social media enabled eBook platform, to support your writing, networking and marketing goals. He will show you how writers have used this tool to write, expand their network, pick up employment and amplify their marketing messages. Be prepared to share content socially during this session.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The steps necessary to grow your network with 5 minutes a day.
  • How you can quickly test varying book ideas.
  • How you can work with your community to crowdsource content and create goodwill.
  • Techniques you can use to pick up work.
  • How to quickly create compelling messages that your current and future advocates will want to share with their networks.

Content Creation & Repurposing – Doing More with Less (45 min Keynote)

In this session, Thought Leader Architect, Mitchell Levy discusses how easy it is to create and repurpose good, compelling content. He will show you how to take 1 piece of content and turn it into 5 pieces that is shared on over 10 different locations. Examples will include crowdsouring ghostwriting, and repurposing content including turning video files into audio files (that can also be used as testimonials), blog posts & articles, as well as social media enabled eBooks that can be shared by your advocates on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Want to feel empowered to repurpose your content in compelling ways, come to this session.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The steps necessary to turn one piece of content into 5 that is shared on over 10 locations.
  • How to quickly create compelling messages to distribute through your network and beyond by repurposing and crowdsourcing existing content.
  • How to get buy-in, support, and interactivity from your busy experts/thought leaders/influencers.
  • How to tell a story that’s not salesy, but appeals to your current and future advocates.

Lean Thought Leadership (1-3 hour Talk/Workshop)

How can your lean entrepreneurial entity stand out? In today’s world where your future advocates have access to more information about their industry, key firms in the industry, and customer testimonials of other companies products and services, how can any entity stand out? In some industries, buyers have conducted 75% of their research on the Internet prior to talking to any firms to make their purchasing decisions. How do you make sure that your firm is not only at the table, but has a strong seat at it? It’s simple, three words: lean thought leadership!

Using an interactive approach, The AHA Guy Mitchell Levy shares with participants his thoughts on why thought leadership is important as well as simple (and more complex) ways your organization can participate. Topics may vary based on audience interaction, but can include:

  • Why Thought Leadership is important to your organization.
  • A new acronym that will power your future thought process and interactions.
  • Steps that someone in your organization can start taking tomorrow.
  • Obtaining the content you need through origination, aggregation and curation.
  • Amplifying your messages in the marketplace.
  • Measuring success of your efforts so you can modify and repeat.

Value to Attendees: Mitchell helps attendees (1) better understand why thought leadership is important; (2) learn both simple and complex techniques and approaches to implementing your thought leadership strategy; and (3) how to measure success and improve your efforts over time.