Weekly Thought Leadership Activities: 10/6/14-10/10/14

Happy Columbus Day, everyone! Here’s the thought leadership activities that happened last week. Aha Amplifier books that were published: Dreamforce (a book for the Dreamforce conference that’s happening this week – download it to make navigating the conference easier!) Silicon … Continued

Thought Leader Life with Dorie Clark (@dorieclark) #033

In this episode of Thought Leader Life, Michael and I talk with #ThoughtLeader Dorie Clark. Dorie is a recognized branding expert who has authored two books on personal branding and creating #ThoughtLeadership. For Dorie, #ThoughtLeadership has two critical components: first … Continued

Weekly Thought Leadership Activities: 9/22/14-10/3/14

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Happy Saturday, everyone! This week’s round-up of thought leadership activities with me and my companies will be covering the last two weeks (instead of the usual one week). I unintentionally skipped last week’s round-up since we’ve been so busy! Which … Continued

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